*****1930 Rare Phoenix Ware Arabian fanatasy tea-trio in ALBANY, Western Australia for sale

*****1930 Rare Phoenix Ware Arabian fanatasy tea-trio
*****1930 Rare Phoenix Ware Arabian fanatasy tea-trio
*****1930 Rare Phoenix Ware Arabian fanatasy tea-trio
*****1930 Rare Phoenix Ware Arabian fanatasy tea-trio

*****1930 + click to reveal  Rare Phoenix Ware Arabian fantasy tea-trio
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Yes, it's more of my grandmothers many "Treasures" I'm selling as I don't have the room to display them! Out of all the items I inherited, this Arabian-Nights fantasy Tea-trio is my favourite. To me it's beautiful with a hint of Morocco. From what my Grandmother told me when I was 10 was this....
This was part of a Tea Service given to my Grandparents on their wedding day in 1929 from my Great Aunty Pearl, Grandmas sister I think or maybe just her friend. I always called her Aunty Pearl and the last time I saw her was when The Sydney Opera House was opened by the Queen in 1973 I think, and I was 8yo! Grandma and Aunty Pearl took all us grandchildren, well just my sister and I, over to Lady Ma-quarry's chair to watch it. It was warm but very windy and I remember eating grandmas home cooked Corn-beef sandwiches with Fountain Tomato sauce. At home growing up we were *never* allowed to eat Corn-beef because mom grew-up having to eat it! I loved it!! It's a very, very happy memory for me!
The two photos are of My grandparents on their wedding day. I think it's always nice to learn the history/provenance of an Antique item such as those I am offering for sale! You also know a little about my Grandmother and her many "Treasures"!
The Tea-trio is in excellent condition apart from the rim to the tea cup which has some light rubbing of the gilding that doesn't detract from the complete set. It's not really that noticeable. The saucer to the tea cup does have some minor/light crazing but it is underneath and not visible at all. I'm just pointing it out so you are aware of it. It's also rare to even have a trio intact and in excellent condition as this trio is.
The main pattern is sort of "Arabian Nights" type fantasy which was extremely popular from the mid 1920's through to the 1930's being found in everything from Tea-sets like this through to motion pictures such as Rudolph Valentino's "The Sheikh(1925?)" silent films to the 1936 MGM "Garden of Allah" with Marlene Dietrich. There is even an Arabian Night's film with Bob Hope! I haven't seen this pattern anywhere at all. Maybe I was looking in all the wrong places...oh wait, that's a song!
Now to end this short Novel and put you out of your misery, you now know more about the history behind this beautiful Tea-trio and a little of my grandma!.
Below is a link to the history of Phoenix Ware.